What Sets the OnePlus Nord 2 Apart From Other Smartphones


The new OnePlus Nord model makes the bold statement that it is ” everything you would want in a smartphone.” And that’s true if you are asking for a fantastic, affordable phone, and happen to be living in either Europe or India. However, ignoring the question of worldwide availability, OnePlus has a terrific mid-budget device in hand. For those who are looking for the next smartphone to replace their current device, but don’t want to pay through the nose for it, the company also has a free offer for the device – The OnePlus Nord 2.

For anyone who has used an smartphones in the past, one of the things they want most in their next smartphone would be fast charging. A lot of people don’t like to use USB devices for charging, but the oneplus 2 thankfully allows you to use fast charging through USB. This is especially good news for those who use the device a lot because it means that they no longer have to spend money on purchasing an additional charger. OnePlus has also taken advantage of the power of fast charging in this one to ensure that buyers can easily enjoy their experience with the smartphone. OnePlus Nord 2

Another great feature about the Oneophone Nordic is that it comes with a back-up battery. The device also features a fast charge ability, but in this case it comes from the company’s own battery, which is supplied by the manufacturer. The company is so confident about this functionality that the company has chosen to include it in every one of its devices. As an example, the OnePlus Wildfire comes with a built-in dual-core A5 processor and a quick charger port. The dual-core processor is powerful enough to get the job done, and the quick charger port ensures that your everyday battery life needs are well catered for.

One important thing to note about the OnePlus Nordic is that it doesn’t use a traditional microSD card for storing media data. Instead, it uses its own larger, removable, pre-installed, 9.7Wh lithium ion battery. The phone’s charging port also charges via this smaller battery, meaning that you can enjoy a fast charge even when your battery is running low. For many people, this means a longer lifespan for their battery, something which the OnePlus Wildfire does not boast.

There are a few other unique features of the smartphone that help it stand out from the crowd. For example, the camera on the OnePlus Wildfire is one of the most advanced smartphone cameras available, offering great picture quality in low-light conditions. Despite the low-light setting, images come out with high definition clarity. In addition, the front-facing camera on the phone has a motion sensor, meaning that it will turn on by your movement and start recording automatically. The phone also supports Omegazine, which lets you keep up with your friends and family’s news, information and tweets using the built-in Twitter interface.

Perhaps the biggest innovation on the phone is the presence of an iris-type sensor, which allows you to unlock the phone without having to touch the home button. This iris is just about as big as your eye, making it impossible for anyone but you to see it at all times. It also acts as a fingerprint scanner, allowing you to login to your phone via biometric measures such as fingerprints. Another new feature is the facial recognition option on the social networking giant’s smartphone. With this, you can instantly sign into your social media accounts. With this feature and the lack of any major drawbacks, the OnePlus Nord 2 is considered by many to be the best smartphone currently available.

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