Foam Rolling for Office Workers

Aug 27, 2021 Uncategorized

The damage caused to the body by sitting all day has been well publicized for many years now. Adding to the dangers of sitting all day, office workers often have poorly set up work stations. Offices that are not set up, with the individual needs of the person in mind, only add to the injury risk. 오피

Do not be fooled by all the fancy, ergonomically designed chairs you may see the odd person use in an office. These chairs may well help a lot, but no chair is capable of fully combating the damage done to the body from sitting all day. The obvious solution to this would be a standing desk, but who is going to walk into their boss and say “Hey boss, I know the economy sucks and people are being laid off, but I need a standing desk!”.

So whats the solution?

Well foam rolling is by far the best weapon to use in the battle against bad posture and injury. After a long day at the office, then jumping in your car home, it should come as no surprise so many adults end up hurting themselves easily doing something as simple as picking up a shopping bag.

This is where our foam roller comes in.

The foam roller can help to undo the postural damage done from office work, by using pressure to regain the correct length tension relationships between the muscles. This means the muscles that become tight during sitting can be released and the muscles that become long and weak can be allowed to go back to their normal relaxed state.

It is important as an office worker to try to maintain proper muscular balance in the body. If you are an office worker sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, then come the weekend try to play a sport, it is very likely you will begin to notice more and more injuries. This is due to the muscles not being balanced throughout the body, leading to faulty movement and therefore injury.

Even if you are not an active person working at an office, there are still side affects from bad posture many do not even consider. Sitting all day can lead to rounded shoulders, many times causing shallow breathing. Shallow breathing can cause an array of problems, including increased stress, headaches and anxiety

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